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August 15, 2010

I occasionally get responses to the blog through back channels. Very few official comments posted to the blog come from sources that do not look suspiciously like robots. I thought I would share a few e-mails this week from blogs over the summer. First, Terry Link, Director of the Greater Lansing Food Bank copied me on the following message he had sent around to a number of friends:

Dr. Paul Thompson, Kellogg Professor of Agricultural Ethics at MSU, writes a great weekly blog on food, agriculture and ethics. This one actually mentions the GLFB briefly. His pieces are typically thoughtful, “light-hearted”, and pertinent to how we make sense of living in a complex world. You can subscribe yourself. His work is always food for thought!

Terry’s generous comment was written in response to “Hunger” on July 25, 2010. He is referring to the link on the upper right hand corner of this page that will deliver a copy of the blog to your e-mail, probably sometime on Monday morning.

And then there is this one, written in response to “I Scream”:

The ice referred to in this blog (below) was not free… it was half of a 25 pound block (15 cents), crushed after purchase… into the aluminum lined green can, which finally bit the dust when I emptied out the storeroom a few months ago.

The secret to the ice cream recipe is enough vanilla.. just pour it in there.
And… the big debate in the family (my dad, Grandpa and Grandma Brown.. also ace ice cream makers) was whether or not to cook the eggs.
answer… no way.

and be prepared to get the roof of your mouth painfully frozen.

The author of that will remain anonymous, though I presume that most readers can guess. I’m generally presuming that these direct e-mails come in from people who really don’t want to be identified for all the world see on the World Wide Web. This goes especially for my most recent correspondent, who wrote in response to last week’s blog on “Supply Chain Food Ethics”:

Dear Professer Tomsun,

You have whited my interest in ethics and stuff like that.

Thanks to you, I am now a thinker more than a believer.

In your poll, mark me down as voting yes.

Yes, I think food is ethical.  My supporting for that is
I prayed long and hard about it.  And God appeared with a
chiken leg just when I thought I would die.

Bless you and your Mission

What else needs to be said beyond that? … And, by the way, “Happy Birthday” to Diane.

Paul B. Thompson is the W.K. Kellogg Professor of Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics at Michigan State University


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