Mo Jelly

September 16, 2013

We’re steaming through food songs month, and if things have gone as planned, I’m not really sitting in front of my computer on September 16, but traveling home from a meeting. Thank you robots! So maybe we can stay on the theme of jelly. As we remarked last week, many gustatory songs are dedicated to the theme of jelly. In addition to last week’s reference to the relatively obscure, Baker Shop Boogie from Willie Nix, we have a more widely known entry from the Flaming Lips, who note that “She don’t use jelly”. For the record (or CD as it were), there are other food items that she don’t use. To wit, although “She’ll make ya breakfast, she’ll make ya toast. She don’t use butter, she don’t use cheese, she don’t use jelly or any of these.” If, on the other hand, you are curious about what she do use, you’ll just have to ask the Flaming Lips. According to Wikipedia, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne usually inflates an enormous balloon filled with confetti until it bursts on the crowd when “She don’t use jelly” is performed. I’m sure that this, too, is a food reference, but I’m kind of foggy on how it actually connects up.

One must set aside the artists who use the name jelly, including Lemon Jelly, Jelly Bread and, of course, the Punjabi rapper who goes simply by Jelly. Nevertheless, the ubiquity of jelly songs belies the speculation, discussed in last year’s food songs month, that food songs are comparatively rare. There is a “Peanut Butter Jelly” song played on “The Family Guy.” Even Spongebob Squarepants has a jelly song:

I just had a sandwich,
No ordinary sandwich,
A sandwich filled with jellyfish jelly,

Hey man you got to try this sandwich,
It's no ordinary sandwich,
It the tastiest sandwich in the sea

There is also a song simply called “Jelly” by Tokyo Diiva. According to my research, the song goes something like this:

Hostadiddy, Hostadiddy, H-O-S-T-A and a Diddy
Hostadiddy, Hostadiddy, H-O-S-T-A and a Diddy
The girls all jelly, the girls all jelly, they jealous of me!
The girls all jelly, the girls all jelly, they jealous of me!

Being of the over sixty persuasion, I have never actually been to a Tokyo Diiva performance, nor have I heard a recording of their song played on the radio. Of course it’s possible that “Jelly” is not played on a radio at all but rather on one of those appendages that the kids now have permanently attached to their ear. It’s also possible that, as when Destiny’s Child advises their listeners to shake their jelly, the food reference in this song is a bit tenuous. That, of course, is one of the wonderful things about jelly songs in any case, but it is possible that Tokyo Diiva is pushing it a little bit too far.

But who can forget Bob Marley’s contribution, which even if it plays a bit with the idea, is still anchored in a sho’ nuff’ food item, e.g., that is to say and namely, guava jelly.

Rub it on my belly, mon.

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