Thornapple CSA is an example of member organized community supported agriculture in the Greater Lansing Area.  The CSA operates on a typical CSA model with member purchased shares delivered weekly between June and mid October.  Production occurs in a leased plot and hoophouse located at AppleSchram Orchard, about 15 miles west of Lansing.  Distribution is by member pick-up at a home in Lansing or on the farm.

The CSA is organized and administered by a core group of dedicated volunteers.  The core group is responsible for hiring a farmer who takes lead responsibility for farming activity.  The core group is also responsible for key planning and management activities. Responsibility within the core group is organized as follows:

  • a coordinator who convenes and chairs meetings,
  • a treasurer
  • CSA member responsible for communications,
  • CSA member responsible for member recruitment
  • a coordinater for volunteer CSA work-share commitments.

The owner of AppleSchram farm (and landord for Thornapple CSA) is also included in core group activity.

The Thornapple Blog is written weekly by Paul Thompson, W.K. Kellogg Professor of Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics at Michigan State University. It is a sometimes serious, sometimes tongue in cheek comment on food and food system issues. Views expressed in the Blog are not those of Michigan State University, the core group of Thornapple CSA and not even necessarily those of the author.