Why is Thornapple CSA forming?

We want to bring great local produce to members, use currently fallow certified organic farmland located 15 miles from Lansing; provide work and experience to farmers; help build Lansing’s local food system; and build the relationship of eaters to the food they eat.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

CSAs bring together the people who grow food with the people who consume it. Members of a CSA purchase a “share” in the farm’s harvest and receive a variety of freshly harvested produce each week during the growing season. Members also contribute their time to the farm, elevating their understanding of how food grows and makes its way to their tables. In the CSA model, growers and consumers support one another and share the benefits and the risks of farming and food production.

Who benefits from CSAs?

Members of CSAs receive fresh, organically grown produce from a trusted local source. Farmers have a stable market and receive cash flow early in the year. Local economies are strengthened and local farms are preserved.

What crops will Thornapple plant and when will they be harvested?

See Crops and share estimates

What are the expected shares?

See Crops and share estimates

Where’s the risk? Or, What kind of party is this?

We believe this will be a successful project: we are planning carefully, have involved experienced farmers and CSA members, and have hired a well-qualified Farm Manager. Failure would require a “perfect storm” of weather and human events. In this unlikely turn, you might consider your participation as a 6-month membership in a unique social/ agricultural adventure that introduces you to some amazing people in Lansing, lets you enjoy some great time at a wonderful local farm, and employs a farmer for a season.