Tax the Poor

February 6, 2011

I was sitting on the patio at Ninfa’s on Navigation last week enjoying a margarita and stuffing my face with the fabulous chips and salsa when it occurred to me how unrelentingly serious this blog has become in 2011. It was about 72° on the patio but those feisty Texans had the space [...]

Best Meals of Oh Ten

December 26, 2010

How many bloggers are writing something like this? My guess would be dozens, at least. Dragging out the year’s “best of” is a pretty hackneyed trope for anyone who had to write something (anything) for a deadline anytime in the past thirty days. The creation of the blogosphere only multiplies the cliché rate [...]

Why Thornapple?

December 5, 2010

File this one in the “Questions you never thought to ask” category: Where did Thornapple CSA get its name? The true answer to this question lays buried deep in the synapses of Jane Bush’s brain. Which is another way of saying it was Jane’s idea. But others in the Thornapple CSA immediately liked [...]

Hoophouse Gala

September 12, 2010

Diane and I just got back from the annual Michigan State University Student Organic Farm Hoophouse Gala Dinner. The organic farm is a teaching and research effort at MSU that has been going for a little over a decade. They offer a certificate program that provides  people with no farming experience excellent training [...]

I Scream

July 18, 2010

Summer time is the time for ice cream, I think. We’ve been making the rounds. Yesterday we were at the MSU Dairy store, where Diane opted for the dreamsicle milkshake (i.e. a milkshake made from dairy store orange sherbet,) while I went for the single dip of peach ice cream. The MSU Dairy [...]

Independence Day

July 4, 2010

It’s that time of the year again. Time to dust off the old ‘68 vintage Kalamazoo SG knock-off and haul out the ’72 Bassman head from attic, and plug them into the Altec-Lansing 15s that I made homemade cabinets for out in the garage on Long Island from left-over particle board. All this [...]

Food in Bloom

June 6, 2010

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Bloomington, IN farmer’s market. It’s considered to be one of the big success stories. The permanent facility consists of three or four covered awnings, each about thirty yards long and able to accommodate 10 or 12 vendors with plenty of room to spare. The awnings themselves were [...]


April 25, 2010

Diane and I were out at Appleschram (the farm where food for Thornapple CSA is grown) yesterday late in the evening. Diane spent a fair amount of time futzing around with the new arrival, a baby lamb. (Actually now that I think of it, is that redundant? Aren’t all lambs “babies”? … But [...]

Take Out Season

December 13, 2009

So what do you eat at this mid-point between feasting holidays and attendant family gatherings? We managed to scrape together two meals this week that approximate the community ideal. I cooked some chili with the last of the late season tomatoes, the last of the CSA onions and a bag of Carson Arbrogast [...]