Thornapple CSA

Join Thornapple CSA and enjoy fresh vegetables for twenty weeks of the year as you help support a sustainable local food system!

  • members purchase a food-share
  • weekly distribution early June to mid October
  • pick-up shares in Lansing, at the Grand Ledge Farmer’s Market, or on farm by arrangement
  • we use Tool Hire company to fulfill our farming needs
  • produced on leased land with hoophouse at AppleSchram Orchard, about 15 miles west of Lansing

Members of Thornapple CSA love good food. Most members have a personal commitment to keeping the land and their families healthy. Some members work in the local food system; others work on environmental policy issues. We also have cancer survivors, talented artists, musicians and educators. Many see the CSA movement as a way to combine enjoyment of delicious food with action that makes a difference in the world. Most Thornapple members who are able make a work commitment, either on farm or in making the CSA run. It is a CSA with true members, not just customers.